Deranged Little Cute Girl


+D yes. hong chun, you typed a mess XDDD


well well well.
this stench is really awesome.
my blog has been moulding for say, half a year? i have no idea
ah well, it's 7.30.
i should go to bed.
i shall stop spamming.
go to bed now
now now now
won won won
won ton
techinically, i really don't get it why the english translation is won ton, it sounds like one tonne.
shouldn't it be wan tan?
since in chinese we pronounce it as wan tan.
but then again, it still sounds like one tonne.
i'll sleep
yesh yesh yesh.


A very and awesomely happy new year from Japan!!!
Shinnen omedetou gozaimasu!!!





and Akihabara is absolute heaven for manga and anime. and cosplay. I can die a happy beanie now +D

oho, and I bought my first Nendroid +D Tiny chibi figurines. Awesome shit XD. but K-on's figurines were sold out -.- 



Hee, but but +D 

Konata Izumi from Lucky Star +D



I don't know why, but of late, I've been suddenly overcome with this intense humming floating sensation whenever I think of baking or cooking.
Tried making custard puffs for Ben (though it's called Cream Puff, don't know why, but custard is cream -.-) (and yes, Ben's gonna be my guinea pig for everything I make +D, so he had a mouthful of carbon-infused-custard on the 4th of November 2009 XD) (my dogs love the burnt custard though, guess I can give all the screw-ups to my dogs +D)
So since the custard puffs were a complete screw-up, I decided to make some cupcakes instead, to be specific, Green Tea cupcakes, as stated in the recipe I printed out.
When it came out of the oven, it was brown.
Apparently adding cocoa to your cupcakes, even if just a little bit, would make your cupcakes turn chocolate. -.-
Nobody told me that.
Hence, it was Chocolate cupcakes I baked.
And not Green Tea cupcakes.

Mehhh, but it turned out pretty okay apparently +D
Zomgee awesomeeee XD
considering this is the very first thing I baked and it turned out awesome +D
But well, it was a tad very sweet.
You could get diabetes from just smelling it.
+D +D +D
It was the icing's fault!!! *point-point-point*
Oh, and I found out something +D
Icing + choux pastry = JIZZ-in-my-pants~


I have this extreme fascination[or you could say obsession] for pastries with custard or strawberries and whipped cream.

Somehow +D
Just now, while walking back to the carpark with my mom, we passed by this bread shop.
And I saw a pastry with custard and chocolate and another with whipped cream and strawberries.
I nearly had a nosebleed.
Didn't get a picture of either cause I ate them straight away. [eating is more important than taking their damned pictures. which I know i would regret when I want to show what it was]
So anyways, came home, typed "whipped cream with strawberries in bread" and pictures came up.

When I go to Japan, this would be the first thing I'll buy.


Mweehee mweehee mweehee 83~
I finally found you after 6 months of searching.
Now I shall squeeze you empty


Zomgee cool cosplays +D
Byakuran from Hitman Reborn
Naruto from Naruto
Cloud from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Some random angel cosplaying. It's a guy -.- zomg, a guy looks better than a girl.
And +D a little soldier from Toy Soldier. That's tiring -.-

This is 3D art, not cosplaying, but it's nice +D, xept that her boobs are very very high -.-

Some guy who tried to cosplay as Majin Buu from DragonBall Z.
There's a penis on his head!!!!


Kids nowadays are =.=
The other day while helping out with some decorations, a lecturer's kid asked me what was Ben's name:

Kid: What is that pink-coloured boy's name?
Jenn: Pink? Where?
Kid: There~ that korkor [points to Ben]
Ben: [points to shirt] This is red!!!
Jenn: owhh, his name is Benedict.
Kid: Hah? Ben-a-dick? [points to his little weiner]
Jenn: o.O" uhhh, something like that.



I was going to look for some blogshop that sold shoes.
I wound up looking at blogshops that sold accessories,
blogshops that sold headbands,
blogshops that sold clothes,
blogshops that sold dresses,
but NOT blogshops that sold shoes.

Awesomely disoriented.


iLove Ben's dogs +D
This is Bruce. Bruce says "Hi"

Mweeee-heeeee. CUTEEEE +D +D +D

And this is, Bruce's "what-the-#^%$'re-you-doing" look.
Here we have, Max.

She's always cute in her pictures. :3~
This here, is Patch. I thought she was the ugliest, but now i think she's pretty cute too +D

This is weird, but yea, all of them are females.
Although their names are Max, Bruce and Patch +D
And, they're all related.
Max is the grandmother, who gave birth to her daughter Patch, who gave birth to her daughter Bruce.
A generation of dogs.
I want +D +D +D